Little Blue Studio’s webdesign reflects the warm and inspiring atmosphere of the Blissance method. This is supported by a brand identity that is creative, professional and enthusiastic.

Sandra from Blissance teaches people the importance of self-love and joy in everyday life. She inspires her clients to lead a happier and healthier life. We were delighted to help communicate her empowering message.

Brand Design Brief

The letter “a” consists of a macron that exhibits the Blissánce brand’s supportive side to the customer. The sub brand consists of the “b” with an underscore, also known as the dot that doesn’t stop. Connecting back to the brand is the tagline of “where love grows” and never ends.

The brand pattern was created using the “b” in the typeface which was transformed into a contemporary butterfly pattern that is unique to the identity. Again bringing it back to the Blissánce method and how it is transformational and life changing!

  • Brand Development
  • Brand
  • Story &
    Tone of Voice
  • Identify Development
    & Systems
  • Brand Guidelines
    & Deliverables

Web Design Brief

Deluttering is an important concept and consideration of the Blissance method. It was important to reflect this in the web design for Sandra. Throughout the website there is a flow and balance to the content, mirroring the harmony of the Blissance Method.

We began with a workshop where we worked on our strategy for the development process. The process then continued as outlined below.

  • Strategy &
  • Analysis & Concept
  • Development &
  • User
  • Site Upload
    & Training

Communicating the Blissance Method

Warm imagery, spacious layouts and engaging design.

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Responsive WebDesign

We tested the website across a range of devices, ensuring everything is always easily accessible and displayed in an appealing manner.

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Client Experiences

  • Because of the nature of my business I was looking for an authentic, professional, yet gentle, elegant and warm feel from my website and brand which is exactly what Elaine delivered. I was delighted it was so in line with what I was looking for. What Elaine created couldn’t have resonated with the values and personality of my business more. I had heard from a friend about the unique approach that Elaine takes but didn’t realise how inspiring, empowering and supportive she would be to me. She pointed me in all the right directions and offered creative support, advice and guidance when I was stuck or unsure of which way to go. The help I got from Kieran & Ronan in relation to email setup and website admin was brilliant. I had little or no knowledge about these areas and they have continually helped and supported me, which brings a great ease to me as anytime I am stuck on something they have the solution and help me out. I now have a fantastic unique brand and website thanks to Elaine and her team at The Little Blue Studio. It has been a huge honour and incomparable experience working with you. Thank you Elaine for sharing this journey with me, it’s been fantastic.

    Sandra Merriman


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