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Live Wire are a dynamic business management firm forging vibrant paths for their clients in the music, sports and film industries. Our striking brand and web design compliments their innovative approach to entertainment management.

With a wide range of international clients, we were especially delighted to work with such a reputable firm. The Live Wire team were a pleasure to work with throughout the project.

Brand Identity Brief

Live Wire’s theme is professional, personal and enthusiastic, inspired by modern design aesthetics giving the new Live Wire brand a communicative, efficient and grounded feel.

The process began in our brand development workshop, progressing through multiple design processes, eventually arriving at the final stage of Brand Guidelines and Deliverables.

  • Brand Development
  • Brand
  • Story &
    Tone of Voice
  • Identify Development
    & Systems
  • Brand Guidelines
    & Deliverables

Web Design Brief

The web development team explored how they could effectively represent such a dynamic company. The result was a progressive site design featuring compelling imagery combined with an eye-catching layout and vivid colours. A constructive workshop with the Live Wire team provided the initial spark for a rewarding development process.

  • Strategy &
  • Analysis & Concept
  • Development &
  • User
  • Site Upload
    & Training

A Real Live Wire

Vibrant colours, energetic layouts and strong imagery
presented with a enthusiastic brand design.

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Responsive Design

Flexible layouts, media queries, and adaptive content are just some of the features we use to ensure the website displays seamlessly across all devices.

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Client Experiences

  • We really wanted input while also having a designer who could deliver a strong design aesthetic to our site. Little Blue Studio were very responsive and focused on delivering just what we asked for. We’re extremely happy with our site, and found Elaine really guided us through the process. We’ve had great feedback on our website – colleagues in other businesses have used it as a benchmark for their own website design.

    Eoin from HLBMGR

    Eoin Ryan, Partner

    HLB McKeogh Gallagher Ryan

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