We were very excited to create a new web design for Ortec, a chemical manufacturing and research company based in South Carolina, USA.

Ortec are a company who pride themselves on technical expertise, quality systems and personalized service – characteristics that Little Blue Studio can really relate to. Ortec are also opening a new production facility in Newcastlewest, Co. Limerick which will form the base for their European operations.

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Website Design Brief

In our development workshops with Ortec we discussed some of their company values, particularly the qualities of integrity, trust and authenticity. Communicating these qualities in the site was helped by a careful selection of images showing the interaction of people and technology. Ortec are always on the lookout for new technical talent, so we also provided a comprehensive submission system for suitable applicants.

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    & Training

Technically Dynamic

Enterprising display of Ortec’s manufacturing technology
and a comprehensive job application system.

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Optimal Responsiveness

The Ortec website works seamlessly across all devices and OS. Whether on laptop or tablet, iOS or Android, the responsive web design marks for a rewarding and resourceful user experience.

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Client Experiences

  • Ortec had astounding service and technical expertise, but our marketing and website were outdated and did not showcase who we were as a company. We had tried twice to work with a local company in the United States. No one could seem to grasp our concept, and all were taking too long to respond to our timetable. Little Blue Studio had helped us with a small project just months prior before we reached out to them to help us with our Corporate Marketing. We asked them for a quote and some guidance and were surprised at how much work they did for a quick turn-around. Very quickly they created the right look and feel to display our message in our industry. Little Blue Studio asked many questions and spent time trying to learn who we were and where we had come from. They learned our history and asked questions about our growth. This allowed them to come up with the right marketing concepts so that we could display who we were. The work that Little Blue Studio has done for us is above and beyond what we expected. It took our marketing to the next level and has allowed our customers and others to experience the business values Ortec offers, how we operate, and our Guiding Principles.

    christopher brotherton

    Christopher Brotherton

    Ortec Inc., South Carolina, USA

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